Monday, November 21, 2016

Traveler's Pack – An Advent Discovery Walk

Welcome!  As Advent begins, we embark on a community journey to remember the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  It is both a remembering and a looking forward to His return.  And this duality is echoed in our everyday lives as we transition from our past traditions to the New Year ahead – full of plans and resolutions for what’s to come. In the midst of the pull of past and present, we often forget to “be still” and listen to see where the Lord might be leading us in the here and now.

The Traveler’s Pack is a way to do just that.  It is simply a self-discovery tool you can use to see if the Lord might be moving you in a new direction.

I used this tool during Lent earlier this year through a similar format, offered by the author of the Traveler's Pack, Christianne Squires.  This journey personally helped me explore a God-nudge I was feeling to step out into a new ministry area but kept putting off.

It all starts with an invitation – His invitation to walk with Him in a new and deeper way.  Have you recognized an invitation in your own life?

There are six (6) phases to this discovery walk:

Nov 27:  Phase 1 – The Invitation Arrives (download pdf)
Dec 4:  Phase 2 – Your Current Dwelling Place
Dec 11:  Phase 3 – Anticipating the Road Ahead
Dec 18:  Phase 4 (Part I) – Filling Up Your Pack (Navigation & Shelter)
Dec 25:  Phase 4 (Part II) - Filling Up Your Pack (Companions & Tools)
Jan 1:  Phase 5 – Stepping Out

Please note:  Each phase is a pdf file, and at the very end of each one is a child-friendly drawing activity for our youngest family members that might spark creativity and conversation.

If you are interested in receiving an email each Sunday with the latest phase, subscribe by clicking on the "follow" button on the right! Remember – it is never too late to sign up and start!

And, if at the end of the Advent Discovery Walk you'd like help taking steps in a new direction in your life, you can contact Kim Lewerenz, Discipleship Coordinator, who can guide you to those people and/or ministries that might best support your journey.

You are welcome to email me directly regarding this Advent Discovery Walk and/or to post comments here.

God Bless!
Kimberly Webster

Traveler’s Pack was developed by Christianne Squires, a trained spiritual director and spiritual formation practitioner. She is the founder of Still Forming, an online space that exists to help spiritual pilgrims to deepen their connection to God, self, and others. Learn more at She lives in Winter Park, FL with her husband Kirk.

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