Sunday, December 25, 2016

Advent Discovery Walk - Week 5

Luke 1:56
Mary stayed with Elizabeth for about three months and then returned home.

It was during Elizabeth's 6th month that Mary received word from the Lord that she was to carry the Son of God.  During this personal revelation to Mary, God shared that Elizabeth was also pregnant and would bear a child in her old age.  Once Mary knew that her cousin Elizabeth was pregnant, she traveled to be with her.  She and Elizabeth were able to share their experiences in the Lord and to encourage each other during part of their pregnancies.   Can't you imagine Elizabeth mentoring Mary through the first trimester and Mary holding Elizabeth's hand at the time of John's birth?  Isn't it wonderful how God provided this young virgin a mentor who would provide important support during her amazing journey?

Even in our own lives, when we are on a new journey, we are often provided companions at points along the way.  Sometimes they are people who have already traveled a similar path and we can benefit from their guidance.   Sometimes they travel with us by nature of relationship like family - a spouse, a child, a parent.  Maybe you are facing a new path without these earthly companions.  It may be easy to forget that the Lord walks quietly beside us, no matter the path.  This may be an untapped source of strength for you - to consider and to remember how the Lord has walked with you before and has provided for you during a different season of your life.

This week, in the Traveler's Pack,  Filling Up Your Pack (Part 2), you can explore what and who might provide you shelter and companionship along your new sojourn.  (download here)

Prayer:  Lord, as we remember the birth of our Savior this Christmas Day - the One who is always with us, may we also remember those who have walked alongside us as companions on our various journeys in life.  Whether they've provided positive or negative influences in our lives, we are thankful the way you have used them to shape our paths and our hearts as you work all things together in Jesus.  It is in His Name - Jesus - we pray.  All glory, laud and honor are His - Amen!

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